Whether it's a tiny local shop or a major multinational enterprise, an organization's identity and branding are inextricably linked to its logo and logotype. Since we 

understand how significant and intimate that identity is to a client, we take the necessary time to ensure that our logos accurately capture each clients identity. 

It is crucial to comprehend running and how each stride originates from the body's core in order to develop an identity for a running coaching system. We are fortunate to run:)

balanced runner, whalenworks, whalen design, running, training

All hydronic radiant heating systems utilize a supply and return line . Red PEX tubing is a mainstay in the  radiant industry and serves as the prominent visual element in this logo   

northeast radiant, whalenworks, whalen design, gasperini, westchester

The most recognizable aspect of Hither Woods, “Split Rock”, served as the inspiration for this logo design.  In Hither Woods, we hiked, ran and biked to locate this significant geographical feature.

the coalition for hither woods, whalenworks, montauk, east hampton

We chose to base our design concepts for these logos on the distinctive shapes found in the roof structure of the houses.

hemlock house, montauk towerhouse, montauk lighthouse

VZBL is the abbreviation for the name Vizible.  High-end, vibrant sportswear is a source of pride for Vizible Fashion and this logo prominently represents this brand. 

VZBL clothing line by whalenworks

The events of Toughman triathlons are built on extremely difficult running and hill cycling races. In order to distinguish this event from others, we chose a rough logotype.

toughman triathlon logo

The Janice Blair Whalen Children for Life Foundation is dedicated to helping the students of the Linstead School in Jamaica. 

children for life foundation logo logo designed by whalenworks

There are many different outdoor sports available in the oceanfront village of Montauk. Cycling, running, swimming, and surfing to name a few. For this logo we combined  two of the most  popular sports to achieve our wishful sport

montauk bike shop logo designed by whalenworks

World-renowned lawyer Clifford Chance is a leader in the field. The elaborate visuals depicting the world performs in a variety of design layouts on all design platforms. 

clifford chance designed by whalenworks

Topography is a recurring theme in land management and planning. The bold topographic design balances well against the all uppercase capital serif font. 

landmarks llc logo designed by whalenworks

Illustrated logo for autistic children’s education book

special steven logo designed by whalenworks

A cyclist forms the  central theme for the Rideguide logotype.  Rideguide and Trailguide is a series of
cycling/hiking maps.

rideguide logo designed by whalenworks

Westchester Masters 

We illustrated the four disciplines of swimming to highlight this regional swim team in New York.

westchester masters swim logo

Coalition for
Hither Woods

Campaign to stop the Montauk Wastewater

Treatment Plant.

stop the sewer logo designed by whalenworks

Hurricane Tracker 


Sleepy Hollow originally known as Slapershaven or Sleepers’ Haven by the Dutch, it is Washington Irving’s short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” a story about its most famous residents, Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman, that make Sleepy Hollow, NY one of the best places in America to visit during Halloween.

It  also makes for some great design ideas.

sleepy hollow bicycle logo designed by whalenworks
whalenworsk logo lockup

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