Our proficiency in gathering, analyzing, and reporting data complements our ability to create effective and compelling  communications campaigns and adds a degree of expertise that other design firms lack. 

First, we assist in identifying the issue and  practical solutions. Next, we obtain pertinent 

information from corporate sources, public records, and social media accounts.

The following stages involve cleaning and preparing the data – usually by database inspection and charting. Lastly, we evaluate if the collected data solves the initial issue by analyzing and interpreting the findings.

Montauk Sewage Treatment Plant Report,
CCOM Montauk preserved lands map, whalenworks

Coalition for

Hither Woods

Analysis and Report on the Town of East Hampton, New York's proposal to build a sewage treatment facility on parkland.

In order to successfully oppose this proposed $75 million project, our team collected and analyzed reams of data through the use of FOIA requests and traditional research methods. 

The CFHW defeated this misguided plan with the help of numerous volunteers, political meetings, local news correspondence, and social
media campaigns.

Download report here.

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